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Our company has the experience and equipment to SAFELY remove your trees and haul away the material. We ensure that your property is in the hands of well-trained and qualified tree removal experts.
Trimming trees is essential to maintain the health and appearance of your trees. The experts at Scott’s Tree Service can provide you with the professional tree services you need to maintain healthy trees. Our tree trimming services will remove dead and overgrown branches to promote healthy growth and keep your trees healthy and looking great. Trimming can also help your tree withstand strong winds better, which will help avoid the risk of it falling down and posing a danger to you and your family.
Improper pruning can actually do more damage to your tree than no maintenance at all, so it is very important to hire an experienced professional that knows when and how to properly prune your trees.
We have years of experience and can perform a wide array of tree trimming jobs, including:

• Canopy lifting, thinning, or reduction
• Removing low-hanging or unwanted limbs
• Removing deadwood
• Corrective pruning
• Emergency cleanup- removing storm damaged limbs
• Trimming away from structures or houses

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We are a small, family owned and operated business located in Castle Rock, serving Douglas & Elbert counties and the South Denver metro area. We focus on delighting each and every customer. To do that, we come to your property quickly to give you a free affordable quote. We can complete the work quickly too- usually in less than a week! Rest assured that your job will be completed professionally, safely, and at a very competitive price.
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